I’ve been dreaming of a super adorable town!!!! This town belongs to the very lovely Princess Peachie! (´∀`)♡ Everything about this town is super cute and I love it all so much ahh it’s just so amazing!

Town Name: CuteWish

Mayor: Peachi

Dream Address: 6500 - 2238 - 8509

Mayor Peachie thanks you very much for visiting CuteWish and spreading good cheer around town! <3 Come visit again any time. ^_^


I visited Princess Peachie’s town, ☆CuteWish☆ today! ~♥  I love her decorating sense, and noticed we have the same music box! I also snapped a pic of the Princess herself outside her house, she’s so cute~~~ o(○´∀`○)o

I admit, a change of pace from my usual preference to the darker side of life. ^w^ Thank you Peachie!✿

Thank you soooo much for visiting CuteWish! <3 Mayor Peachie appreciated you stopping by. ^^

I visited my sweet lolita idol Princess Peachie’s town CuteWish! Its so kawaii! (◕﹏◕✿) I wanna just live there..ughuuu ♥ What a magical town!

Thank you so much for visiting my town!! ^0^ <3 <3 <3

The Town of CuteWish
Dream Code : 6500-2238-8509

Come visit the happy town of magical wishes and pastel dreams! <3
A fairly major update since my last Dream Suite post on this blog.

It’s time to introduce CuteWish’s third human resident; say hello to Pearlie!
Pearlie is a sweet old lady who used to live in CuteWish as a child, and moved back to enjoy her twilight years in the serenity of this cute little town. She’s a big fan of cute and pink things, as she’s a very girlish lady.

From the final Fireworks night of the year ^^

From the final Fireworks night of the year ^^

New avatar! -^_^-

New avatar! -^_^-

I made a new dress qr code, this time the Dreamy Baby Room OP by Angelic Pretty.
Comes in baby blue, baby pink and pale yellow.
Made by Mayor Peachie of CuteWish.

The kids&#8217; smock is so cute XD Also, that is my new carpet design I made!

The kids’ smock is so cute XD Also, that is my new carpet design I made!

Finally unlocked my favourite song in Animal Crossing :) <3